Amber Polhill – Senior Change Consultant

1 min 4 November 2022

Looking back two years, furlough in 2020 was a daunting but wonderful opportunity to reflect on the values that are important to me: Build Trust, Put in Max Effort, Radiate Positivity & Act with Empathy.

During this time, I set myself the challenge of finding a fresh and exciting company, working alongside colleagues who would share my personal values, live and breathe them in all they do, whose culture is something tangible that can be felt beyond the faded poster in the office canteen… and I found FSP!

Every day at FSP you have the opportunity to add value to a community of awesome individuals who thrive on working together to deliver positive, impactful people-centric outcomes.  From experience, I know a great company culture cannot be faked or forced. At FSP we nurture our culture, embracing equality, diversity and inclusion in such a way that colleagues feel comfortable to bring their best human selves to work. Encouraging fun social time together is part of our FSP recipe for growing healthy working relationships with high levels of employee engagement and trust. I love a good FSP party! 

My role as Senior Change Consultant is focused on the delivery of Change & Adoption activities at the core of Digital Transformation projects. In a nutshell, what I do is “all about the people”, which means I get to do what I love; connect people, build meaningful & productive relationships based on trust and honesty, and deliver on client expectations (+ have a little fun!).

With 20 years’ hands-on experience in managing system implementation projects and leading digital transformation programmes under my belt, I made the leap to consultancy at FSP. It is very rewarding being able to apply my practical knowledge to support clients with anything from the planning and delivery of communication plans, to building champion networks, to setting strategy and vision.

Right now, FSP is on a huge growth journey, and I am excited to continue to grow my skills and widen my experience alongside the growth of FSP and its people.