Russell & Bromley

2 mins 26 May 2022

With sought-after product, Russell & Bromley (R&B) has remained synonymous with expert craftsmanship and fashion-led design since 1880. Specialising in luxury shoes and handbags for men and women, the brand continues to be the definitive choice for the well-dressed. With a retail presence in locations throughout the UK, Russell & Bromley take pride in offering customers with engaging experiences based around superior product construction and trend knowledge.


R&B has significant data assets underpinning many of the day-to-day business processes of the organisation, such as sales, returns, stock, footfall, customers information and products data.

R&B didn’t have an analytical platform that could bring all this data together and provide intelligent, user-friendly and interactive data solutions which would help business users to gain insight and use that insight in their decisions and actions.


By bringing real-time data from different sources into a single source of truth R&B employees are able to get powerful and visually appealing insight.

Since the Data Platform went live in 2020, R&B has moved away from traditional reporting into dynamic Business Intelligence. Users previously restricted to weekly reporting and with limited access to data can now access real-time data from anywhere, at any time, allowing them to react faster to change, make thoughtful decisions, and remain competitive.

R&B continue to see value from their original investment in their brand new Data Platform, extending it by increasing the data sources and creating new Data Products to leverage the power of data into other business areas.


  • The solution facilitates gathering, integration, and manipulation of data from various sources
  • The created Data Products enables teams to get powerful insight from data
  • Real-time data, accessible from anywhere at anytime, facilitates faster time-to-insight
  • Data analysis is centralised, providing a secure single source of truth, making accessible to everyone in the business
  • Enhanced data literacy across the business