Tom Higginson, Human Resources (HR) Manager

1 min 11 March 2024

“I am really excited to see what my future looks like at FSP”  

My journey into the world of HR started when I graduated in 2013 and I was lucky to find a graduate role working with some amazingly talented people. After a few years of working, I took a risk and left my job to move to Australia (after two months of teaching English in Japan). This time away from home helped shape my perspective of what was important.

I believe that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of everyone I have worked with along the way, as when I returned home I found another job with a great team. After working there for nearly 6 years, it was a big decision for me to make another change and move jobs, but I couldn’t have picked a more perfect place to call home.

Integrity and transparency are important to me and every person I have interacted with at FSP also champions these values.  

People are often surprised to hear that I work in HR. It’s a career that I didn’t consider when I was younger, but life has a funny way of providing opportunity. For me, HR is the heartbeat of an organisation and I’ve always believed that if we are provided a good platform to perform our jobs well, we can give all of our colleagues the opportunity to also find success.  

I remember my first day at FSP clearly – I couldn’t believe how talented, charismatic and professional everyone was, and after finishing my first year working here, I still regularly leave meetings feeling lucky to work with such capable people.  We are fortunate that everyone at FSP truly believes this is a great place to work. We have some exciting projects coming up over the next few years and along with our fast growth, comes plenty of opportunity.