Joining Forces at Pride in London: FSP’s Commitment to Inclusion and Belonging

1 min 12 July 2023

FSP were very proud to be part of the Pride in London Parade on 1st July 2023. Our first parade as a company!

London’s Pride event holds immense significance on the LGBT+ calendar serving as a unifying occasion for these communities, and for others to demonstrate their commitment to accepting people as they are with no discrimination.

Colleagues, friends and family marched together to demonstrate our stance both individually and as an organisation. We wanted to represent our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can live their true authentic selves every day.

We are always learning, and understand the importance of continual growth as we strive to align our actions with our values by cultivating a culture of belonging. Recently, we reviewed our policies to ensure that we provide robust support for colleagues to be able to express their gender identity in a safe, inclusive space, including those undergoing gender transition.

At FSP we believe in walking the talk, and we are dedicated to creating a workplace that embraces diversity and empowers individuals to thrive.

What else did we do to support Pride this year?

We also hosted an event called ‘Conversations to Support the LGBTQ+ Community’ in collaboration with three other residents in the NOW building (where our Reading HQ is located), ALL.SPACE, Coeo and VISTRA. Lorna McArdle, the CEO of Support U, a local support service for the LGBTQ+ community, was at the event to offer insights and perspectives on the importance of supporting LGBTQ+ individuals. The event encouraged open and honest dialogue and helped raise awareness of issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community.