Less Code More Power Podcast: #CoffeeConnections with FSP & BDO UK LLP 

17 August 2021

FSP joins the Less Code, More Power Podcast to discuss the #CoffeeConnections project, with customer BDO UK LLP (BDO UK) 

Our Microsoft 365 Strategy Lead Alex Gibson joins Dominic Rodney, IT Business Relationship Manager at BDO UK, on Less Code, More Power podcast, to discuss the success of their #CoffeeConnections initiative, with Dona Sarkar and Sarah Critchley. It has been a major success, enriching collaboration and communication across the company.

#CoffeeConnections is an app built by the FSP team of M365 experts using the Power Platform, in conjunction with the team at BDO UK. It enables BDO UK employees to request meetings and have informal discussions with leaders on career planning, work through client scenarios and expand on their overall knowledge of the company. It can also automatically match employees with an available mentor and provide opportunities to build and nurture both existing and new relationships, particularly in the advent of hybrid working. 

Check out the full episode to find out more and see the app in action.

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